Good Government

  • Milagros has consistently fought the current administration's lack of transparency.  As Mayor, Milagros will ensure our residents have access to the information they need to hold their local government accountable and will call for term limits for elected offices in White Plains.​​

Better Qualified  

  • An urban planner and trained architect, Milagros has extensive experience designing open spaces, health facilities, and educational facilities. On the Common Council, she developed a proposal for nature center of Baldwin Farms and the Library Plaza as well as a proposal for Veteran’s Park on Terrytown Rd. Milagros has creative and exciting ideas for managing development projects building a better White Plains. ​​

empowering working families

  • It's getting more and more difficult for working families to continue to live in a city they call home.  As Mayor, Milagros will protect local jobs and support quality, affordable housing in each neighborhood, so everyone can continue to call White Plains home.​

Protecting Neighborhood character

  • White Plains needs safer pathways especially around schools, parks, and places of worship.  We need to reduce speed limits in neighborhoods and add sidewalk space in high pedestrian traffic areas.  We also need tree ordinances for private homes in the same way we have them for public-owned areas.

Public Safety

  • The North Street firehouse's hook-and-ladder #34 has been out of service for over a year, a life-threatening deficiency for the south end of White Plains. Milagros will fight to make sure our firefighters have the training, tools, and level of staffing to ensure they can do their jobs safely.

Environmental Sustainability

  • As Chair of Sustainable White Plains and Board Member of the Center for Sustainable Development, Milagros has fought to ensure White Plains leads New York in sustainability.  She will work to make White Plains a zero waste community, protect open spaces, and push for more public transportation.

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