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Good government

Milagros has consistently fought the current administration’s lack of transparency. As Mayor, Milagros will ensure that our citizens have access to the information they need to hold their government accountable.

Public Safety

The North St. firehouse’s hook-and-ladder #34 has been out of service for over a year -- a life-threatening deficiency for the south end of White Plains. Milagros will fight to make sure that our firefighters have the training, tools, and level of staffing to ensure they can do their jobs safely.


We need an economically and environmentally sustainable White Plains — for our families and our future. We must ensure that White Plains leads the way in our modern, global economy — and that we build a real plan for the future. As Chair of Sustainable White Plains and a Board Member of the Center for Sustainable Development, Milagros has fought to ensure that White Plains leads New York in sustainability.

Building our neighborhods

An urban planner and architect, Milagros has extensive experience designing parks, health facilities, and educational facilities. On the Council, she has used her experience to create landmarks like the Hartsdale Greenway Entrance and proposals like the nature center at Baldwin Farms. As Mayor, Milagros will build a White Plains where every neighborhood counts.

Expanding opportunities
to working families

It’s getting more and more difficult for working families to continue to live in the city they call home. As Mayor, Milagros will work to expand affordable housing by 10% in our city. By protecting local jobs and supporting quality, affordable housing in each neighborhood, we can ensure that everyone can continue calling White Plains “home.”