The White Plains Farmers Market: Sustainable Food in a More Sustained

(Year-Round!) Way

As Chair of Sustainable White Plains, Councilwoman Milagros Lecuona strongly supports the sustainable food movement and believes in making fresh, healthy foods as accessible and affordable as possible for everyone in the community. She supports the White Plains Farmers Market—which currently runs seasonally on Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m— for the fresh produce, plants, home-baked goods, breads, fish, olive oils, cheeses and prepared foods that it makes available to the city. But she has a plan to make it even better.

Currently, the Market runs on Court Street between Martine Avenue and Main Street in White Plains, but Milagros has a vision for the Market to be in a friendlier and more vibrant community gathering place: Library Plaza. Adjacent to the soon-to-be remodeled White Plains Library, the Plaza is a safe, open space already built on the values of community, but which is not being utilized nearly enough. 

Why only Wednesdays?

And while the current street location does bring foot traffic to the downtown area during the business week, it also leaves out many residents who will never be able to visit during that time because of school and work commitments elsewhere. 

Most Farmers Markets around the country occur on weekends to cater to visitors in their free time. Through her plan to extend the Market to an additional weekend day in another convenient location, such as the Metro North Train Station’s parking lot, Milagros wants to share the benefits of the Market with many more people in White Plains—and with the people of surrounding communities who may travel to it by train. Hosting the market on Sundays would bring families into the downtown area so that shopping becomes a family experience without rushing– not just a mid-week “lunch break” for those who work in the area. 

What about the Winter?

Currently, the Market shuts down in late November for five months, quite literally leaving residents and vendors out in the cold. Milagros has a plan for a year-round Farmers Market in a convenient indoor location to be identified—similar to the indoor markets that other residents of Westchester County already enjoy, such as in Hastings, Irvington or Pleasantville.  This approach in White Plains will support continued community connections throughout the year, keep the health and economic benefits of the Market flowing and reach many more people over time. 

This is just one of many plans Milagros has that will improve the community in White Plains. As Mayor, she will stand up for White Plains families, neighborhoods, workers and small businesses. It is time to change business as usual at City Hall.

Let’s build a better White Plains, together.

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