Supporting Our Natural Spaces: The magic of Art and Water

In the northeastern section of White Plains sits a tranquil park and a picturesque lake, which are among the best-kept secrets in the City, due to an almost hidden access point near a condominium complex on Lake Street.

Silver Lake and Liberty Park are just one of many natural havens in White Plains that residents can enjoy. In fact, White Plains is home to 11 neighborhood and community parks, as well as nine specialty recreational areas. As a mayoral candidate in 2017, Milagros Lecuona strongly supports the preservation and enhancement of these natural spaces. She also supports the arts, and as a City Council member, has long been proposing new ways to bring the two together for the enjoyment of all. 

For example, in 2012, Milagros had the opportunity to participate in an event along the Hudson River in in Yonkers, where she and other artists created floating sculptures for a popular summer event that attracted many spectators while promoting public awareness for environmental protection. Although the river’s deep waters subjected the artwork to strong currents and even curious seagulls, Milagros immediately envisioned Silver Lake’s gentle and secluded waters as the perfect blank “canvas” for a similar event.

She presented this proposal to the Mayor, the Commissioner of Recreation and Parks and the Commissioner of Public Works, and discussed with them various ways the City could showcase unique artistry in natural settings at cultural and recreational events for the community. 

Such a program could be expanded to neighboring municipalities along Silver Lake in an annual attraction with unique themes, such as creating artwork from recycled materials or plastics recovered from local waterways, for example. The possibilities could even extend to the winter months through thematic ice sculptures.

But five years later, this proposal still sits, unexecuted. It’s a familiar story and frustration for Councilwoman Lecuona, and one of the reasons she is running for Mayor.  It’s time to change business as usual at City Hall and bring in some fresh perspectives and fresh ideas. Milagros Lecuona has many of these, and she is committed to working with, and for, White Plains families, neighborhoods, workers and small businesses to build a better City—together.

This is just one of many plans Milagros has that will improve the community in White Plains. As Mayor, she will stand up for White Plains families, neighborhoods, workers and small businesses. It is time to change business as usual at City Hall.

Let’s build a better White Plains, together.

Silver Lake, Liberty Park, White Plains, NY

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Summertime at Silver Lake in White Plains, adjacent to Liberty Park and the 236-acre Silver Lake Preserve, which contains numerous hiking trails.

A floating sculpture created by Milagros Lecuona using recycled CDs, shower curtain rings and lightbulbs- particularly reflective items on mirror-like Silver Lake.